Category: Wordpress Plugins

  • Rainbow Display Plugin

    Display the inclusive rainbow-colors on your website. Queer Support is important. And this plugin is an easy way to show your support for queer people or to show your pride. The rainbow is placed on the bottom of the screen. Doesn’t matter how big the screen is. It’s responsive. How to use the plugin Changelog

  • External Website Admin Display

    I wanted a way to display an external website inside the Admin-Area of WordPress. Because sometimes it’s good to quickly have access to another ressource when working on a project. So that’s how this plugin came to be. It lets you define one website, that’s displayed in the Admin menu. How to use the plugin Changelog

  • Upcoming Posts Shortcode

    A shortcode, showing planned posts. For one of my projects, I was looking for a WordPress Plugin that shows the next planned posts in a widget. The one Plugin in the WP Repository seemd too “strong” to me, I wanted something more minimalistic. So, I did my own minimalistic Plugin.  You can use it, improve on…