Rainbow Display Plugin

Display the inclusive rainbow-colors on your website.

Queer Support is important. And this plugin is an easy way to show your support for queer people or to show your pride.

The rainbow is placed on the bottom of the screen. Doesn’t matter how big the screen is. It’s responsive.

How to use the plugin

  • Download the plugin
  • Install and Activate:
    • Install it via the WordPress Plugin Installer.  Plugins -> Install -> Upload the ZIP
    • Activate it
  • Use the plugin
    All available options are located in “Settings” -> “Rainbow Display”
    • Decide, where to show the rainbow.
      You can show the rainbow either on every page or only on your Frontpage.
    • Decide, how big the rainbow should be
      You can decide between the heights 30px – 100px.


#Version 1.1 (August 12, 2023)
- It's now possible to change 
the height of the rainbow.

#Version 1.0 (August 12, 2023)
Initial Release