External Website Admin Display

I wanted a way to display an external website inside the Admin-Area of WordPress. Because sometimes it’s good to quickly have access to another ressource when working on a project. 
So that’s how this plugin came to be.

It lets you define one website, that’s displayed in the Admin menu.

How to use the plugin

  • Download the plugin
  • Install and Activate:
    • Install it via the WordPress Plugin Installer.  Plugins -> Install -> Upload the ZIP
    • Activate it
  • Use the plugin
    • Set up the Websites: Go to “Settings” -> “External Websites” and type in the URLs and Name of the Websites (for example “The Site”) you want to display. Click “Save Changes”
    • Display the Websites: Click on the Name (which you defined in the last step (“The Site”)) in the admin menu (usually on the left of the screen) and it will display.


#Version 2.0 (August 8, 2023)
- It's now possible to add multiple Websites!
- Slight changes in Menuedesign

#Version 1.0 (August 8, 2023)
Initial Release